Kinder Academy

Taking Care of Kids



What are your classroom ratios?


We maintain the state required ratios in all rooms.


6 weeks to 12 months – 1:5

12 to 24 months – 1:6

24 to 36 months – 1:10

36 to 48 months – 1:12

48 to 60 months – 1:14

60 months to school age – 1:15



When are you closed?


We are closed for six holidays:


  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day


We may close early on Christmas and New Years Eves.  We rarely close for bad weather, but if it is a Level 3 snow emergency we are required to close.  In other circumstances, it is dependent on staff being able to travel and forecast road conditions.


Are your teachers “Certified”?


All staff meets the state requirements of our licensing agency.  Each person has to have a fingerprint check, high school diploma or GED, medical exam, and 3 written references.  Many of our staff has college or CDA (Child Development Associate) credentials.  If they do not have these credentials, they have to perform 15 in-service hours of training each year until they have 45 hours total as required.


Do you do a background check on teachers?


As required in our regulations, ALL staff must have background checks.  


Do you have much teacher turnover?


We have a high retention record for our teachers since we provide above average compensation, benefits and training.  There will always be turnover due to relocation, pregnancy, returning to school, and other professional issues.


What kind of security do you provide?


There is always someone at our front Reception Desk to greet anyone entering the building.  When parents enroll, they designate who has permission to pick up their children.  We require anyone picking up a child to present a photo ID as verification that they are an authorized designate.


On a day-to-day basis, parents have an opportunity to talk with their child’s teach(s) about the kind of day the child had.


When do children move to the next room?


Transitions to the next older room are based on development and age.  The toddlers are divided in approximately 6 month age intervals so activities can be targeted to their development.  In pre-school we divide them by the date they will enter kindergarten so they begin to develop age appropriate skills and friendships that will continue as they enter school.


Do the children have a schedule in their class?


For the youngest infants, they have individual schedules determined by the parents with regards to eating and napping.  As they grow older, there is a class schedule with a combination of active and quiet time, indoor and outdoor activities, meal time, and group and individual time.


What is the policy for parents visiting?


We have an open door policy for parents visiting as long as it does not interfere with our program.  Mothers who are nursing infants are always welcome.


What if my child has food allergies or has dietary restrictions?


We strive to meet the needs of the children.  If they are unable to eat certain foods that we offer, you may send ready to eat food form them that meets the dietary requirements of the state.


What is your sickness policy?


If a child has a temperature of over 100 degrees and another symptom, they must be picked up promptly and cannot return to the center until they have been fever-free for 24 hours.  If it is suspected that they have contagious symptoms, they must be seen by a physician to confirm and if they have a condition, they must be out until they are no longer contagious.  Parents must notify us of the child’s condition so we can inform other parents and staff in the child’s room.


What is available for school agers during their holiday and summer vacations?


We offer exciting education through fun activities.  The children may take many field trips to indoor sports complexes, museums, local parks, operating farms and other local attractions.  At the center, they have contests, fitness exercises, outside play time, crafts and other artistic opportunities.